Wedding Decorations – Just add Magic

A wedding cannot be complete without immaculate decor and decorations that fit the theme or that fit the colour scheme of the occasion. When you plan a wedding, you should thus spend a lot of time on wedding decorations and choosing the right wedding decorations to make your special day magical. There are a number of elements to consider when it comes to decorating a wedding – it is not simply limited to flowers and a marquee tent. It also helps to consider the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses when you choosing your wedding décor, because that will create a harmonious picture when everyone enters the reception venue.


Other elements you might like to consider when it comes to wedding decorations are definitely draping, because you want to avoid naked chairs and a cold tent or cold roofing. You can even get installation draping to fill up the room and add that extra magical touch. Also look at stands – especially wrought iron – because they can look incredible with most colour schemes. Table linen and runners are also very important, because they need to match well with the rest of the décor and should not simply be the old table cloths you had in the basement. This inevitably leads onto chair covers and sashes, which add a very elegant and professional touch to a setting.


Wedding decorations definitely include your glass- and silverware, because if these are carefully chosen, they can make any table look classy and well planned. However, avoid using modern utensils in a Victorian setting or engraved silverware at an ultra-modern wedding reception. The last thing to consider is candles. These create a lovely atmosphere, especially if your reception is at night or in a darker room. They add magic and flair to the room and are much better than harsh roof lighting.

Uniting the Families Symbolically – Unity Candles

There are many things that make a wedding special and many little details that can truly stand out on the day. These little things are what make a wedding unique; they are what guests remember and what makes your wedding that one step more personal and interactive. When you add these finishing touches to your own wedding, consider what would be special to you and your groom or bride and what would be special to your closest family and friends. A great option that makes any wedding day magical is unity candles. This is a tradition is quite modern, but has become a part of many traditional services. The ceremony makes use of two tapered candles and one large pillar candle – the “unity” candle – in the middle. Someone from each family will light a taper candle (usually the mothers of the bride and groom) and then later on the couple themselves will use these to light the large candle, thus uniting the two families.


You can personalize these candles for your wedding by decorating it as the wedding invitations were or as the rest of the decor is. It can also include an inscription or even a picture of the bride and groom. Depending on your tastes, you can play music with the ceremony: music that symbolises a beautiful moment in your relationship. Another lovely idea is to keep these candles after the ceremony and relight them on anniversaries or special occasions. Most people believe that you should extinguish the pillar candle last, because that signifies the two families merging into one and that the separation of the families is no longer a reality.


Unity candles are thus a very special way to celebrate your marriage and to make your wedding day even more unique. It signifies the start of an exciting, prosperous journey.

Function Decor for Different Events

Function decor should be specific and should be carefully planned and chosen. That is the only way you can achieve a sense of harmony in your design and continuity regarding your theme. When you approach a company to hire decor for your function, make sure you explain exactly what you are looking for and make sure the company know who the client is and knows exactly which type of guests you will be dealing with. The types of function decor you need will be completely dependent on the level of formality of the event, the type of event, as well as the theme of the event. Make sure you have a good grasp of these concepts before you spend money on decor and decorations.

Of you are planning a corporate event, you will need to adhere to a certain formality when it comes to function decor and might even have to keep to a very specific budget. This means that you should make sure all the furniture pieces match and that you listen to what the corporate client wants. Often, for example, corporate functions will need to keep the colours of the company logo in mind when choosing draping and when putting together gifts.

Birthday parties are much more relaxed and only needs to satisfy what the birthday boy or girl would want. These functions allow you to be much more creative and you have much more freedom in choosing function decor. It is always fun to keep to a specific theme. For example, a pirate or princess theme can be exciting for children and even adults!

Other functions, like weddings, are also more formal, but do not limit creativity whatsoever. You should obviously keep in mind what the bride and groom want, but designing weddings means adding magic to a very special day.

Proper Event Planning to Impress Guests

Event planning can be an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience if you approach it with the right attitude. It gives you the opportunity to be creative, spontaneous and to give your friends, family or colleagues something special. Whether you are planning a wedding for a sister, a corporate function to get that promotion or a themed party for an excited twelve year old, you cannot go wrong if you approach the right event planning company. These companies exist to help you make tough decisions, to provide an objective opinion and to lead you to the correct resources. It is not easy to plan a big event alone, but with the help of event management professionals, it becomes a walk in the park.


When you start planning an event, make sure you know exactly what you are planning and for how many people. You should also know your target market: you will use different decorations and menus for a group of sixteen year old teenagers than you would for fifty year old work colleagues. You need to know what the theme is and if there is no theme, you need to have a specific colour scheme in mind. You might have the freedom to choose this yourself and if you do, take advantage of the opportunity and try something completely new!


You can truly impress by doing proper event planning and it is always good to have someone who keeps your needs in mind, as well as the needs of the client or the guests. A professional event planning company will do exactly that and will lift much of the burden of planning off of your shoulders. They will be able to advise on food, décor, event proceedings and timing, as well as gifts for guests if you want them to take home a souvenir.

How to Tackle Event Management

Event management can be quite a big task if you do not know how to approach it and if you do not have the necessary help to reach your goal. If you are hosting a special event, such as a corporate function, a wedding or a birthday party, you need to make sure everything runs smoothly and ever guest is happy with the entertainment, décor, food and drinks. When you look back on events that you have truly enjoyed and that you cannot forget, you will notice that they were events that were classy and well organized. For this, you need the right professional for advice, decor hire and even planning.


There are many companies that specialise specifically in event management, but not all of these companies are reliable. When you narrow down your search for a professional, make sure you look at references, testimonials and pictures of past events. A good event management company will not only provide you with advice you need to make your event successful, but they will also be able to help you with the planning of proceedings and with the aesthetic elements. No proper event goes without enjoyable entertainment either, so look at what there is to offer.


Just as you should organise or tailor your event to suit your guests, an event management company should tailor their service to fit your needs. This means they will look at what you want to achieve and then offer the best possible solutions for your specific situation. If, for example, you want to organise a themed birthday party, the company will help you find décor to fit the theme and will give advice on how to entertain guests regarding the specific theme. Event management is thus about achieving balance and continuity in what you offer your guests.

Event Management Companies and How They can Help

Have you ever had to organise a big event, a corporate function, a birthday party for a close friend or family member (or for yourself!) or even an entire wedding? Then you know how many elements you need to focus on and how many things you need to consider to ensure a success. This is where event management companies can come in to save your day! These companies specialise in these types of events and will be able to not only give you a checklist of things to do and get, but they will help you find the ideal decorations, the ideal invitations and the ideal ceremonies. Each aspect of the event is important and should be carefully planned, because that is when guests will walk away smiling and that is when guests will talk about your perfect planning and the fun time they had weeks after.


Event management companies are, if you choose a professional one, extremely helpful when it comes to deciding on what is appropriate for a specific event and when t comes to sourcing decorations, material and other contacts, For example, they can help you choose the colours, the theme, as well as the décor to fit this perfectly. They can then help you source each element or decoration (if they do not hire it out themselves) and can even help you find the ideal caterer.


When you approach event management companies, make sure they either specialise in or have experience in dealing with your type of event. You do not want to end up with an 80th birthday party feeling like an office get together or a wedding feeling like a children’s party. However, most companies realise the value of specialising in more than one and even all types of events, so you will be spoiled for choice.

The Power of Good Draping

When it comes to finishing off your wedding or event décor, you need to consider a few last touches and whether or not you want to accentuate certain elements or even hide others. The interesting fact is that you can accomplish either of these goals with the correct draping. Women have, since time immemorial, seen the virtues and values of draping in hiding and decorating any room. When it comes to weddings, parties and events, you can do exactly the same. When you choose the correct cloth and draping designs, you can make any event magical and can liven up any dull venue.


You will most probably never have all the draping you need lying around at home and will not be able to collect it from friends and family. It is thus extremely convenient that there are companies that not only specialise in event management, but companies that offer draping services, as well as hiring. If you make use of a company for planning, they will provide draping at a small fee and you should take advantage of this. You can also simply take advantage of the hiring services if you are taking planning into your own hands.


Make sure the draping you choose fits well with the rest of your colour scheme and if it is last minute, go for neutral colours and add a splash of brighter colours. This will add a very classy element to your event. Choose a company that keeps up to date with trends and that can easily look back to ancient times if that is what you require. Draping can be used to decorate furniture, roofs, and walls. It can make an ugly statue in the room disappear and can make a table look like a Victorian mansion’s dinner set-up!

Decor Hire that adds Elegance

Do not place all of the stress of getting the right decor and dressing for you event on yourself. It is not necessary and will only result in you neglecting some aspects in favour of others. Often, if you try and source decor yourself, you will find it hard to match everything up and to make sure that everything is the right size and shape. Decor hire is thus an excellent option for keeping uniformity and keeping order when it comes to dressing up your event. A company that hires out decor will ensure you get the same cloths for each table, the same sashes for each chair and the same streaming linen for the roofs. They will also, if they do not have enough in stock, source exactly what you need or provide alternatives that are just as effective.


Decor hire can include as many things as you need: you can hire table cloths, chair linen and sashes, specific types of chairs and table, as well as other forms of decorative draping. Some companies even provide you with centre pieces, statues and wrought iron features and these often make an event stand out above the rest quite significantly.


If you are throwing a themed party, wedding or corporate function, you can make use of decor hire to help you determine what will be correct for your specific idea and will help you make the event décor as authentic as possible. If, for example, you want your event to reflect the roaring 1920’s, you can hire feathers, flowing draping, vintage champagne glasses and cutlery and even centre pieces to reflect your favourite films. You can even hire screens and projectors from some companies if you want to add an interactive element or project photos of a happy couple or friendship through the ages.

Chair Covers and Linen for Your Event

When you are planning an event or function, you need to consider what chair covers and table linens you are going to use in order to complete your picture. These elements can make a bigger difference than you might think, because they stand central in any reception venue and is what guests come into direct contact with. Chair covers, draping, table cloths and other décor elements should be considered as important as any other aspect of the design of an event and you should thus approach a company to hire these instead of sourcing them yourself. You might end up with covers that do not match the colour scheme, covers that are not uniform and even covers that do not fit on the chairs you chose.

When you organise a casual party, you can hire cheaper chair covers and linen. You can stick to neutral colours and basic designs if you do not want to spend a lot of money. However, corporate events and weddings are completely different and here you will be able to spend more money and will thus be able to make the display slightly more elaborate. No matter what the function, however, chair covers will definitely do the event a service.

You should also look at table runners and chair sashes when you consider covers and linen, because these add class and professionalism to any display. Make sure that these also fit in with your theme and if you event is very formal; you can choose expensive-looking alternatives at a very low price. Most companies will be able to offer you chair covers and other elements to fit any trend and theme. Using more than one coloured sash on each chair can finish off the picture quite beautifully, so consider all of your options before making a final decision.

Organizing Your Wedding – How Event Management Companies Can Help

The idea of organizing your own wedding may sound like a lot of fun – and totally doable – when you are flipping through a bridal magazine or perusing a bridal blog. The bridal experts make arranging an event like this sound so easy, and for events management companies it probably is, as they do this sort of thing all the time. For a bride, however, organizing the nuptials could end up being both an anxiety-inducing and a mammoth task.