Chair Covers and Linen for Your Event

When you are planning an event or function, you need to consider what chair covers and table linens you are going to use in order to complete your picture. These elements can make a bigger difference than you might think, because they stand central in any reception venue and is what guests come into direct contact with. Chair covers, draping, table cloths and other décor elements should be considered as important as any other aspect of the design of an event and you should thus approach a company to hire these instead of sourcing them yourself. You might end up with covers that do not match the colour scheme, covers that are not uniform and even covers that do not fit on the chairs you chose.

When you organise a casual party, you can hire cheaper chair covers and linen. You can stick to neutral colours and basic designs if you do not want to spend a lot of money. However, corporate events and weddings are completely different and here you will be able to spend more money and will thus be able to make the display slightly more elaborate. No matter what the function, however, chair covers will definitely do the event a service.

You should also look at table runners and chair sashes when you consider covers and linen, because these add class and professionalism to any display. Make sure that these also fit in with your theme and if you event is very formal; you can choose expensive-looking alternatives at a very low price. Most companies will be able to offer you chair covers and other elements to fit any trend and theme. Using more than one coloured sash on each chair can finish off the picture quite beautifully, so consider all of your options before making a final decision.