Function Decor for Different Events

Function decor should be specific and should be carefully planned and chosen. That is the only way you can achieve a sense of harmony in your design and continuity regarding your theme. When you approach a company to hire decor for your function, make sure you explain exactly what you are looking for and make sure the company know who the client is and knows exactly which type of guests you will be dealing with. The types of function decor you need will be completely dependent on the level of formality of the event, the type of event, as well as the theme of the event. Make sure you have a good grasp of these concepts before you spend money on decor and decorations.

Of you are planning a corporate event, you will need to adhere to a certain formality when it comes to function decor and might even have to keep to a very specific budget. This means that you should make sure all the furniture pieces match and that you listen to what the corporate client wants. Often, for example, corporate functions will need to keep the colours of the company logo in mind when choosing draping and when putting together gifts.

Birthday parties are much more relaxed and only needs to satisfy what the birthday boy or girl would want. These functions allow you to be much more creative and you have much more freedom in choosing function decor. It is always fun to keep to a specific theme. For example, a pirate or princess theme can be exciting for children and even adults!

Other functions, like weddings, are also more formal, but do not limit creativity whatsoever. You should obviously keep in mind what the bride and groom want, but designing weddings means adding magic to a very special day.