Uniting the Families Symbolically – Unity Candles

There are many things that make a wedding special and many little details that can truly stand out on the day. These little things are what make a wedding unique; they are what guests remember and what makes your wedding that one step more personal and interactive. When you add these finishing touches to your own wedding, consider what would be special to you and your groom or bride and what would be special to your closest family and friends. A great option that makes any wedding day magical is unity candles. This is a tradition is quite modern, but has become a part of many traditional services. The ceremony makes use of two tapered candles and one large pillar candle – the “unity” candle – in the middle. Someone from each family will light a taper candle (usually the mothers of the bride and groom) and then later on the couple themselves will use these to light the large candle, thus uniting the two families.


You can personalize these candles for your wedding by decorating it as the wedding invitations were or as the rest of the decor is. It can also include an inscription or even a picture of the bride and groom. Depending on your tastes, you can play music with the ceremony: music that symbolises a beautiful moment in your relationship. Another lovely idea is to keep these candles after the ceremony and relight them on anniversaries or special occasions. Most people believe that you should extinguish the pillar candle last, because that signifies the two families merging into one and that the separation of the families is no longer a reality.


Unity candles are thus a very special way to celebrate your marriage and to make your wedding day even more unique. It signifies the start of an exciting, prosperous journey.