Wedding Decorations – Just add Magic

A wedding cannot be complete without immaculate decor and decorations that fit the theme or that fit the colour scheme of the occasion. When you plan a wedding, you should thus spend a lot of time on wedding decorations and choosing the right wedding decorations to make your special day magical. There are a number of elements to consider when it comes to decorating a wedding – it is not simply limited to flowers and a marquee tent. It also helps to consider the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses when you choosing your wedding décor, because that will create a harmonious picture when everyone enters the reception venue.


Other elements you might like to consider when it comes to wedding decorations are definitely draping, because you want to avoid naked chairs and a cold tent or cold roofing. You can even get installation draping to fill up the room and add that extra magical touch. Also look at stands – especially wrought iron – because they can look incredible with most colour schemes. Table linen and runners are also very important, because they need to match well with the rest of the décor and should not simply be the old table cloths you had in the basement. This inevitably leads onto chair covers and sashes, which add a very elegant and professional touch to a setting.


Wedding decorations definitely include your glass- and silverware, because if these are carefully chosen, they can make any table look classy and well planned. However, avoid using modern utensils in a Victorian setting or engraved silverware at an ultra-modern wedding reception. The last thing to consider is candles. These create a lovely atmosphere, especially if your reception is at night or in a darker room. They add magic and flair to the room and are much better than harsh roof lighting.